Frequently Asked Questions

All clients with a nonzero balance will receive statements quarterly. Monthly statements are sent for every month in which you have activity in the account. If no activity occurs in the account, you will, at the very least, receive a quarterly statement. Clients will receive a monthly statement for a household account only if there is activity in the parent account.

Activity that will prompt a monthly statement generation includes purchases and sales of securities, deposits, withdrawals, asset transfer, and dividend reinvestments. Activities that do not automatically prompt statement generation include money market, balance forward items, household account suppression or open orders.

A household statement consolidates various accounts at StoneX Financial, Inc. custodied through Pershing into a single statement.

Clients have the ability to turn on statements to receive every month, no matter the activity in the account. You can also elect to receive statements via e-delivery.

Yes. Clients can enroll in our StoneX Client portal to view their brokerage account(s), statements, activities online.