Transition Support

We understand that switching firms is a tough decision to make and that it can be a complicated process. To support you in this transition, we have a dedicated Transition Team that is skilled to assist you with everything from client paperwork to orienting you to the wide range of products and technology solutions.

During your transition you will be assigned a Transition Coordinator and a Regional Manager as your primary points of contact. Your Transition Coordinator will choose a customized transition plan and timeline that best suits your business needs. Your coordinator will also provide information about products and platforms available to you as a valued partner.

Our experienced staff provides you with professional, accurate, and efficient customer service. We realize that transitioning between firms is a process and we are committed to providing you with continuous support, guidance and training. The transition process is just the beginning of our long-term commitment to you.


Factors such as timing, compensation payments and client communication are taken into account as your transition team works with you to develop a comprehensive transition strategy.


By taking an inventory of your client accounts and noting any additional features your clients are using, you will be well-positioned to create a seamless client experience.


Your transition team will train you on the paperwork required to move your business. Take advantage of our integrated technology solutions to populate the required paperwork.


Once you’ve registered and obtained client signatures, the Transition Team will complete the data entry required to establish all accounts, submit transfers and follow up through receipt of assets.


Take advantage of our robust training offerings to maximize your long-term success. With advisor and staff centric training, our goal is to get your firm back to business as usual as quickly as possible. Your Transition Coordinator will schedule training specific to your business for you and your team.